Our Team

Michael Petcosky – President & CEO:

Mike Petcosky

Mike Petcosky is the President and CEO of the Petcosky Companies organization. Mike has been in business since 1980. Mike took his father’s business back in the early 1980s and officially incorporated Petcosky & Sons Plumbing and Heating in 1987. Mike then partnered with his brother Tom and grew the residential and commercial plumbing and heating company to an established successful business. Along the way, Mike also started a fire protection division which is now a separate corporation, Petcosky Fire Protection Inc. In March of 2020, the residential plumbing and heating service and install departments were acquired by another local establishment. This allowed for Mike to focus his efforts on the commercial markets.

Mike attended State University of New York at Delhi where he learned the plumbing and heating trades. Today, Mike holds multiple Plumbing and HVAC Licenses in over 10 + different municipalities. This allows Petcosky Companies to provide excellent service for their commercial customers' needs.

Mike has always developed his organizations to be family oriented. That’s why his kids are all involved in the business today. Mike constantly jokes that someday his grandkids will be the ones running the companies.

Mike enjoys spending his off time with family, whether it’s a family vacation, or weekend camping with his kids and his four grandchildren, Parker, Cameron, Skylar & Madison. Mike has also been involved in the fire service since 1978, volunteering with the Vestal Fire Department. His commitment to family and his community is what helps drives the success of his companies today.

Justin Petcosky – Vice President:

Justin Petcosky

Justin Petcosky is a Vice President and Co-Owner of Petcosky Companies. Justin officially began working at the business in 2007 in Petcosky & Sons Plumbing and Heating’s warehouse. There, Justin began to learn and understand the basics of how the company ran. In 2009, Justin began working full time with a concentrated effort on starting the company's new fire protection division. In 2016, Petcosky Fire Protection Inc. was established as a separate corporation. Justin is now involved with both sides of the business (Mechanical & Fire Protection), ensuring that the companies are efficiently running to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Justin attended State University of New York at Broome, where he studied Fire Protection Technology. This was the inspiration for the Fire Protection division. Justin today holds a NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) Level III Certification in Water-Based Fire Protection Design. This allows the company to provide superior design and engineering services for their customers' fire protection needs.

Justin enjoys spending time with his family during his off time. Justin is the proud father of two girls, Skylar, and Madison, and loves spending time with them and his wife Erin. They also enjoy spending time on the weekends at their campsite. Justin is active with the Vestal Volunteer Fire Department serving since 2006.

Brian Terrell – Vice President:

Brian Terrell

Brian Terrell is a Vice President and Co-Owner of Petcosky Companies. Brian began officially working for Petcosky Fire Protection Inc. in 2016. Brian was tasked with growing Petcosky Fire Protection’s Inspecting, Testing, and Maintenance division of the company. Since then, Brian has developed more important roles in all organizations under the Petcosky Companies umbrella. Brian is tasked with many of the day-to-day operations, ensuring everything operates smoothly.

Brian has a NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) Level II Certification in Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Brian also sits on the NICET board that writes and administers the NICET Level II Testing requirements for Water-Based Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance. Brian has vast knowledge of NFPA 25 (Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems), which allows him to provide superior customer service.

Brian keeps very busy during his off time. Brian has two boys, Parker and Cameron. He is heavily involved in their sports and activities. Whether it's helping coach Parker's baseball team, or making sure Cameron hits a bull's-eye at archery, Brian is constantly on the run. He also enjoys just spending some down time with them and his wife Krista as well. Brian has been actively involved in the volunteer fire service since 1993.

Paul Petcosky – Our Founder:

The patriarch of the Petcosky family, Paul started working for the State of New York as a steamfitter in 1957. Always the entrepreneur, the elder Petcosky eventually began a small plumbing business on the side to help support his family. One thing led to another and through superior customer service and word of mouth, Paul’s business began to grow. At the early age of 12, youngest son Mike began to give his father a hand in the family business and the seeds for what eventually would become Petcosky & Sons were planted.

PJ Jacobs – Contract Administrator:

PJ Jacobs

PJ joined Petcosky Companies in 2015. With more than 32 years of knowledge and experience in the commercial construction industry, she has become an asset to our team. PJ coordinates with project owners, construction managers, project managers, subcontractors, estimators, and suppliers to achieve successful completion of our construction projects.

PJ is proficient in all aspects of construction accounting and auditing, insurance requirements, certified payroll, EEO/WMBE reporting, construction billing, and change order processing, and utilizes several online reporting and auditing systems to meet all contract requirements and Petcosky Companies customer needs.
PJ graduated the National Business Academy in California in 1988. She is also a New York State Public Notary.

In PJ’s spare time, she enjoys studying biblical archaeology and historical research. PJ also enjoys spending time outdoors and fishing.

Dana Yacobelli – Controller:

Dana Yacobelli

Dana Yacobelli is the cheerful and organized Controller and Office Manager at Petcosky Companies. In her demanding position, she seamlessly incorporates her wide-ranging experience in accounting, finance, banking, computer systems, and customer service on a daily basis. Attention to detail and an innate ability to dig to the root of a problem help to keep us on track and operating smoothly. Dana has been a part of the Petcosky family of companies since 2017.

Dana has a vast and diversified background spanning the banking world, as well as the corporate and private sectors. Early in her post-college career, Dana worked in the financial industry as a consumer banker with Fleet Bank. She gained experience in many aspects of the lending and administrative side of the banking system. She has also been employed as a corporate financial analyst, private accountant, firm administrator, and VP of finance. In addition, Dana has worked internationally as a joint venture accountant with BAE Systems, establishing an amenable relationship between two US/UK/French partnerships. In addition to being employed outside of the home, Dana was self-employed for many years in a shipping and consulting business she proudly created and successfully ran with her three now-grown children.

A lifelong New York State resident, Dana can be found training her two dogs and preparing to enter the world of dog showing. This follows in the footsteps of being an accomplished equestrian—riding and showing horses, which she has done since childhood. She also loves a good run through the hills of Vestal, and a good read when she has a few moments, and has discovered a knack for home design and renovation.

Anthony Bomysoad – Purchasing Agent:

Anthony Bomysoad<

After working in Warehouse / Logistics and Change Management for 14 years, Anthony joined the Petcosky Companies team in 2020 to help streamline purchasing and warehouse operations. Anthony has extensive logistics and material purchasing knowledge, helping ensure our projects are always in order.

Anthony is responsible for obtaining the best pricing for Petcosky Companies, purchasing all plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection materials, and ensuring our warehouse is operating efficiently. This provides Petcosky the opportunity to make sure the correct materials with the specific quantities are delivered to the job sites efficiently. Anthony’s success allows the company to pass those cost savings on to our customers.

Anthony enjoys hunting and fishing outdoors, and, more importantly, he loves spending time with his son and coaching his soccer teams.

Andrew Afarian – Field Supervisor / Project Manager:

Andrew Afarian

Andrew Afarian is a Project Manager for Petcosky Mechanical and has been with Petcosky Mechanical since 2006. Andrew manages some of the largest, most complex projects for the company. Daily, Andrew coordinates and collaborates with numerous stakeholders, on multiple job sites. He is highly skilled at constantly shifting priorities.

Andrew has been in the industry since 1995 and is regarded by his peers and regional associates as an expert in mechanical trades.

Andrew was raised in Vestal and lives in Apalachin with his family. In his free time, he enjoys boating, home improvement projects, and a variety of other projects.

William Schultheis – Project Estimator:

William Schultheis

William Schultheis is a Senior Estimator for Petcosky Mechanical. Will considers himself a problem solver and appreciates the innovation needed to bid contracts, manage projects, and meet deadlines while providing exemplary customer service. He feels a tremendous satisfaction when he brings a bid to completion ahead of time and under budget.

During his career, Will collaborated with the team that constructed the World War II Memorial and upgraded the Gate Houses at the White House, located in Washington, DC. He has also worked on numerous projects for Binghamton University and The Guthrie Learning Center.

When Will is not working at Petcosky Mechanical, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and camping.

Chris Brinser – Service Manager:

Chris Brinser

Chris Brinser is the Service Manager for Petcosky Mechanical and has been with the company since 2001. Chris started with Petcosky as an experienced service technician. Over the years, he has brought professionalism and respect to our service department and worked his way up the ladder to the Service Manager position in 2018. Since then, Chris has streamlined many of the company's processes, which has resulted in an improved service experience for customers and increased profitability of the department.

Chris started his career after attending SUNY Delhi from 1984-1986 for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. He began working for local HVAC companies right out of college, gaining experience and knowledge for many years. He also has attended several factory schools and has achieved several certifications, including North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

Chris is an avid sportsman in his spare time. Often, he can be found at the gun range sharpening his skills for competitive shooting matches, or in the woods hunting.

Jack Clark – Fire Sprinkler Designer:

Jack Clark

Jack has been employed in the fire protection industry since the spring of 1995. Jack joined Petcosky Fire in 2019. He is proficient in many aspects of the business, from the initial bid process, to determining design criteria, to laying out and designing fire protection systems. Jack’s satisfaction at the end of the project is knowing that the system will perform as it was intended, protecting life and property.

Jack also has experience performing inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems as an Inspector. Jack holds a National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Level III certification in Water-Based System Layout and has spent most of his career laying out and designing water-based fire protection systems as an Engineer Technician.

Jack loves to spend time outdoors during his time off. Whether it's backpacking and kayaking in the Adirondacks, or spending time in the woods hunting, Jack is always looking to get outside. Jack also is an avid gun collector and loves to spend time at the range.

Jay Green, PE – Fire Sprinkler Design Manager:

Jay Green, PE

Jay Green, PE, is a licensed mechanical engineer and project manager who joined Petcosky Companies in 2018 after working for more than 17 years as an MEP design engineer. Jay has brought with him a deep knowledge of the design and implementation of mechanical, plumbing, process, and fire protection systems.

Today, his focus is on the estimating, designing, and project management of fire protection systems for Petcosky Fire Protection, Inc. However, Jay is still called upon from time to time to assist with the design and clarification of mechanical and plumbing systems for Petcosky Mechanical. Jay is also responsible for all BIM-coordinated projects. In addition to his daily activities, Jay is one of the instructors for our New York State Department of Labor-recognized fire sprinkler apprentice program. Jay has become a leader within the company and is constantly working to take Petcosky Companies to the next level.

In Jay’s spare time he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and spending time with his wife and two children. During the warmer weather he enjoys coaching his son’s baseball teams, and in the winter months you can find him at his daughter’s gymnastics competitions.

Joe Betkavsky – Field Supervisor/Project Manager:

Joe Betkavsky

Joe Betkavsky joined Petcosky Companies in 2011 and has worked in many roles throughout the company, rising to the project manager role in Petcosky Fire Protection. He is currently tasked with managing the new construction division in our fire protection company and takes the role of managing the daily operations from the start of the project to final closeout documentation.

Joe also provides supporting roles in the estimating and service department as well as manages and administers our New York State Department of Labor-recognized fire sprinkler apprentice program. Joe has brought a great deal of knowledge to the company and has been a key player in the roll of developing the fire protection company to the successful business it is today.

In Joe's spare time he enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, golf, and camping with family and friends.